Broader Impact Highlights

Broader Impact Through the 3D Microstructure Workshop

5/22/2024 | Gregory S. Rohrer, Carnegie Mellon University

The DMREF sponsored a three-dimensional (3D) microstructure workshop August 18-20, 2023.  This was our most successful workshop so far, in the sense that we exceeded our limit for the maximum number of participants (60).

Distributing Materials Science Classroom Kits for High School Students

5/17/2024 | Mo, Hu, Haile, Harmer, Marvel Univ. of Maryland, Northwestern Univ., Lehigh Univ.

The outcome of the computation, experiments, and iterative feedback loop from this project are integrated into multiple courses taught by the PIs. This integration of research and education enriches the educational experiences and outcomes for students, fostering a new generation of scientists and engineers equipped with advanced MGI skills in computational and experimental materials science.

Crystals and Clinker Teacher Workshop

5/14/2024 | Geoff Brennecka (Colorado School of Mines)

Geoff Brennecka and the Ceramics and Glass Industry Foundation hosted the Crystals and Clinker Teacher Workshop at Colorado School of Mines on October 14, 2023, that introduced twenty regional middle- and high-school teachers to materials science concepts and activities.

Undergraduate Research on 2D Ferroelectrics

5/14/2024 | Xia Hong (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Li Yang (Washington University in St. Louis)

Layered van der Waals CuInP2S6 (CIPS) is a promising two-dimensional (2D) ferroelectric for developing low-power 2D electronics and flexible energy applications. A major hurdle for its technological application is its close to room temperature ferroelectric ordering temperature (TC). Our study provides an effective strategy to enhance the ferroelectricity and piezoelectricity of ultrathin CIPS, making it a viable material candidate for room temperature device operation. The gained knowledge can also be applied to other 2D ferroic materials for property engineering.

The Information Skunkworks

3/21/2023 | Dane Morgan and Paul Voyles (University of Wisconsin)

Translating Bioelectrochemical Engineering

2/3/2023 | Gregory Payne and William Bentley

Undergraduate Laboratory Experiment: Adsorption of Perfluoroalkyls in Metal Organic Frameworks

2/3/2023 | Omar Farha (Northwestern University)

A two-component undergraduate laboratory experience has been developed by students in a senior level capstone course.

Graduate Training in Machine Learning for Materials Design


The DMREF research work, led by Dr. Nina Andrejevic, a female material scientist in Mingda Li’s group, was a critical component in Nina’s Doctoral Thesis, titled “Machine Learning-Augmented Spectroscopies for Intelligent Materials Design”. The thesis was subsequently selected and published by Springer as part of the Springer Theses series in 2022, in “Recognizing Outstanding PhD Research.”

Training Graduate Students in the Art of MOCVD

5/16/2022 | W. Lambrecht, K.Kash, H. Zhao

Graduate students Dinushi Jayatunga and Reza Karim collaborating on a growth sequence in the MOCVD instrument

A Physical Chemistry Lab Experiment Demonstrating Tunable Wettability

1/1/2022 | R. D. Davidson, T. E. O’Loughlin, T. E. G. Alivio, S.-M. Lim, and S. Banerjee

We recently designed a physical chemistry laboratory experiment that brings materials which were designed as part of our active research projects into the undergraduate laboratory curriculum.

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