Materials Simulation Toolkit

Dane Morgan (University of Wisconsin)

New machine learning tools have been and are continuing to be  integrated  into  the  Materials  Simulation  Toolkit  –  Machine Learning  (MAST-ML)  software  package.  Apart  from  assisting with  research  development  of  the  MAST-ML  software  has promoted undergraduate research and education across multiple groups including the Informatics Skunkworks Group.

Additional  independent  software  has  been  developed  to perform  motif  extraction  on  glassy  materials  which  in  turn  is supported  by  a  third  package  that  has  been  developed  to perform point pattern matching.

Datasets generated through the grant has been disseminated through  the  Materials  Data  Facility  at  the  National  Center  for Supercomputing Applications.

Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF)